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About Thursday, March 27, 2008

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We are not super-mothers but we’ve been around the block. Our goal is to impart “real-mommy” knowledge and advice to help women who are:

a) considering the step into motherhood (including adoption),
b) pending mommies (pregnant or adopting),
c) “heart” mommies (pregnancy or infant loss),
d) new mommies,
e) single mommies,
f) step mommies and
g) mommy-troopers.

There are TONS of medical websites, consumer websites, magazine websites and personal blogs (some of which are on the Blogroll) with information that can be helpful for women in the above situations. Websites can be impersonal and blogs can be difficult to find. The goal of this site is to:

a) act as a hub: offering personal stories and practical advice as well as helpful links and
b) bring mothers together from all over (North America? the world?) to impart their wisdom and experience for others (check out our social network!).

I wish there’d been a site like this when I was expecting my first and wanting to know what the heck kind of diapers to buy and what books would help the most.

So, have a question? Or do you have something you’d like to contribute? Would you like to add your blog to our roll? Email


2 Responses to “About”

  1. This is the website for my daughters. I have had 4 daughter but only have two living daughters at this time. I am not finished working on the living 2 webpages but Jocelyn’s webpage is finished and Bianca’s will be started soon. I am hoping to complete a webpages for the babies I have lost too.

  2. Glo Says:

    Thanks so much for all you do to network with others. This makes are big overwhelming world and lives feel a little smaller, less lonely and isolating for so many who need support.


    author of Guiding their way – Day by Day

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