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Toddler Multiples Monday, October 20, 2008

Filed under: Twins and Multiples — Kristin @ 2:20 pm

Pardon my absence from the blog.  But while I was away, my twins, Annabelle and Isabelle (Annie and Izzie for short) became toddlers.  If you read this blog, you have at least one child, or are thinking of having a child.  I have two singletons who are past the toddler phase for the most part (!) and I found that phase to be a difficult one a best.  But when you have two or more going thru the same phase at once, well, your life can become a bit of a challenge.

My girls just turned 21 months.  That means that they’re walking, talking, eating machines.  They also have personalities that are as different as night and day.  Annie is much more physical than Izzie.  She walked at 9 1/2 months, was the bigger twin at birth, and is a bit slower with her words.  Izzie waited until almost 15 months to walk, but was uttering words at 10 months.  Annie is about 2 1/2 inches and a good 3 pounds heaver than Izzie.  She is a bit of a brute, hitting and pushing to get her way.  I can understand that, as her verbal skills aren’t quite all there.  Izzie is a lover of stuffed animals and a good book.  That isn’t to say that she doesn’t take her aggressions out on a sibling or parent, as she is quite emotional at times.  They are both so very different.

What I have learned while watching the girls interact with each other, their older siblings and even my husband is that what works for one doesn’t work for the other.  I know this is true when you have singletons, and my singletons are almost 4 years apart and are of different genders.  Having two children that are the same age is quite a phenomenon.  When Izzie is upset about something, she has to be left alone.  She cannot be comforted unless it’s on her terms; never pick her up to hug her unless she wants you to.  She would rather lay on the floor sobbing with a stuffed animal than sit with someone to calm down.  If Annie is upset about something, she cries the biggest tears in the world, wants a quick hug and goes back about her day with a huge smile on her face.

It’s been a trip watching the girls grow from babies into girls.  I learn something about them just about every day.  While they tire me out, I love them to pieces.  I love to watch them grow and learn.


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