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Twins plus two Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Filed under: Twins and Multiples — Kristin @ 9:13 pm

Finding out we were having twins was a total surprise.  Twins DO NOT run in our families.  When we were pregnant with our son, my husband and I joked (often) that he was a multiple.  Just for fun of course.  And he wasn’t.  Hooray.  But when we decided to “go for a third, why not?”, we got more than we bargained for. 

Annie and Izzie were conceived naturally.  Most people we know have avoided asking us that question, although I’m sure they’ve wondered.  With our first two being so far apart in age (not really, but 4 years is NOT what we had in mind) I’m sure people wondered if we had to use artificial means. 

For the most part, it was a normal pregnancy.  Other than being horribly ill (morning sickness did not do this justice!), it was a quiet pregnancy.  We had monthly ultrasounds to track the girls’ progress, which helped reassure us that all was well.   But the reality of having twins didn’t really sink in until we started purchasing two of everything~two new car seats, two bouncy seats.  Seeing two bouncy seats in my living room was a bit overwhelming. 

I can’t imagine having twins as my first though~at least I had some idea what to expect going into it.

I delivered the girls at 38 1/2 weeks.  I had been sick with the rotavirus at 37 1/2 weeks, and while I was in the hospital getting fluids for 16 long hours, I begged to be induced.  Nope.  No room in NICU and besides, they told me, you don’t want to deliver after being sick.  You need your energy.  So, the following Tuesday I was scheduled for an induction, because I begged, begged, begged my doctor to let it be done with.  The girls were not showing any signs of wanting to come early and I was HUGE, tired and ready for them to be born.  Labor itself was blessedly short (less than 4 hours from the time they broke my water) but the girls came fast and furious.  Izzie had been breach most of my pregnancy, but the morning of the induction, she was head down.  No c-section for me!  I was adamant that I deliver vaginally, just to avoid recovering from a c-section (and 4 kids at home).  After Annie was born though, Izzie turned again.  The doctors heard my pleas and spent 11 minutes turning her so that I could avoid the c-section.  They were happy and healthy, and we left the hospital less than two days later to start our journey of twins, plus two.


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